‘Psychic’ is a fancy word that makes you think of all the cosmic and celestial aspects of the universe. You may also believe that it requires certain kinds of special powers to be a psychic. And that only the blessed ones can take advantage of it.

Well, what if I tell you that each person born on Earth has psychic powers! And also that psychic powers are nothing but your intuition. Yes, it is actually no rocket science. In fact, knowingly or unknowingly, we always use them.

Don’t believe me? Consider remembering an incident where you felt someone was staring at you even when you were not looking in their direction. Or where you felt that something terrific was going to happen, and later that day, it actually happened. Or you assumed someone was thinking about a particular thing, and they revealed that they actually were. Now when you are putting in dedicated efforts, then you may come across many such events.

Now the question is how to employ these innate powers cautiously to gain the maximum benefits. To make it easier for you, I am mentioning some easy and practical ways to do that. There is a whole list of psychic abilities that can be enlightened with these practices. So let’s see what those methods are.

Ways to find your innate psychic powers

The first thing that you need to do here is believe that it is already within you. It is just that these powers have been rusted and require a little bit of polishing. After establishing this belief, try and do the things mentioned below.

Practice Prediction

To enhance your psychic or intuitive abilities, predict the appearance of a person even before meeting them. Or imagine how a place would look before your actual visit. Practice this, and don’t expect your predictions to be correct from the start. But eventually, you will start observing that most of them are near to perfect. And after a few dedicated years of practice, they may even be accurate.

Notice Your Vibe

Another method of enhancing your psychic abilities is, noticing your feelings while you are at a particular place or with someone. This will tell you about the energy that any person, place, or thing carries with itself. It also shows you their intrinsic nature. You can associate these colors with vibrations and feelings, and eventually, you will see these colors to identify the vibe.

Interpret Dreams

I understand, interpreting dreams is not an easy thing to do. It is because, first of all, they don’t occur in sequence. And humans do forget them within a minute of getting up. But here, you don’t have to interpret the whole dream, just identify specific elements and establish their relationship with various aspects of your life. See how it goes in the long run.


This is the easiest thing that you can do to enhance your intuition. Meditation does not necessarily mean that you must empty your mind and forcefully stop any thoughts. It never intends to pause the functions of the mind, or you will technically be dead, isn’t it! It simply requires you to concentrate on your breathing patterns. You will notice a sense of calmness that will surround you, both internally and externally.

Scan Your Surroundings

One thing that you can do here is scan your surroundings and see how each element therein impacts your aura. This will tell you how you resonate with the energies of everything that surrounds you. By doing this for a long time, you will eventually develop a sense of identifying the vibrations that each thing, living or non-living, carries within itself.

Observe Emotions

Whenever you are exposed to anything new, you must observe how it makes you feel from within. Also, notice the emotional changes you experience by coming in contact with that thing or person. This will make you develop empathy when you connect with other people’s emotions. Also, this will make you a reliable source of help when it comes to helping others with your psychic powers.

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So these are some doable methods that you can include in your lifestyle if you seriously want to bring your innate intuitive abilities to the surface. And you must also know that none of these require anything that we usually associate with psychic practices. In fact, I would say, if you think this needs anything like a crystal ball, a gemstone, candle, or incense sticks, you are sadly mistaken. You really need to get out of your stereotypical mindset and enjoy the process of awakening your psychic powers.

I hope this article has helped you understand how to bring your intuitive powers to the surface and use them in your day-to-day life!