Amavasya is the New Moon Day and the starting of the first quarter of the lunar month. It is the darkest day in Hindu tradition when performing any function or ceremony or doing any good work is forbidden. However, this is not believed in the entire India.

In South Indians especially in Tamil Nadu, the day of Amavasya is considered as auspicious as the Full Moon (Purnima). According to them, it is the period of growth and power when it is beneficial to plan or start anything new. There are various beliefs behind it. Here are the main beliefs that are prevalent in the Tamilian community.

Reasons to Consider Amavasya (New Moon Day) Auspicious

  • The first and foremost belief is “Waxing Moon”. Waxing moon is the lunar phase between new moon to full moon. In this phase, the Moon grows bigger in shape and brighter in appearance. Tamilians believe that as the moon increases after Amavsya, anything that is started on this day will also grow and prosper likewise.
  • Also, the word Amavasya is made of two words, Ama and Vasya which in sanskrit refers to together and dwelling respectively. This means staying together which in turn represents strength. In addition to this, the Amavsaya is considered as the day when you may pay homage to your ancestors. Thus, by performing any auspicious work on this day may bestow blessings of ancestors.
  • On Amavasya, various religious activities are held such as dip in the holy river, fasting, offering sacrifices and giving charity to the poor. All these things help devotees to get rid of their sins and sorrows, eventually allow positivity and peace to come in your life. The fasting observed on Amavasya detoxifies your body and you feel spiritual and relaxed from within. As per Tamil tradition, when your mind, soul and senses are balanced and controlled, then you attain strength to accomplish your goals.
  • Alternatively, there is another belief that anything performed or started on the day of “Amavasya” brings a neutral effect, that is neither good nor bad outcome. Thus, as per Tamilians it is safer to get a neutral effect than having a bad consequence.

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Apart from all the above reasons, festivals like Diwali fall on the day of Amavsaya which is itself a great and most auspicious day to start something new. On the other Amavasyas, the traditions of doing offerings, observing fasting and paying respect to ancestors eliminates all the negative energy and griefs in your life.

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